Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's all about next year.

This is a very interesting website run by the official China Daily promoting the fight against everything Chinglish. The site offers many Chinglish examples as well as correct translations and expert opinions. It also diligently collects nationwide reports on the Chinglish phenomenon (or rather a selection of success stories of the fight against it).

What strikes me most - in its very Chinese approach - is the list of small personal features of the site's outstanding contributors (almost all are university students) - the so-called jiucuo (correction) "纠错 007" with the three digit number intentionally referring to Her Majesty's master spy, I guess.

This is, again, a very smart move in China's ever increasingly competitive society - especially in the education sector - to link love for the mother country with your university career and a continuous public call for help.

Or sweet and short in 8 characters: 以纠错为祖国争光。

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