Sunday, September 16, 2007


Dear fellow Chinglish readers,

just to let you know with what kind of level of communication I have to deal on a regular basis, I'm going to display a recent anonymous comment that I would normally reject for obvious reasons:
this is ain't funny, man!i just dont get it, what u tring 2 express?r u tring 2 say how stupid chinese are, or what?!i believe if you learn chinese, you could be much more stupid than this! and, if you really got plenty time to do this kind of shit, you should spend some time to take care of your "thing"!!!!teach you one first!you stupid pussy!

I don't know where to begin with this one, sigh...

1. If you don't agree with my interests, I'm sure there are million other websites that may interest you more. Bye bye.

2. If you don't "get it", why assuming something without having a clue in the first place? That is not only illogical, but really dumb, sorry.

3. About learning Chinese: 我是德国海德堡大学汉学系毕业。我真希望你先了解这个博客的目标,才敢批评。我给你看一些中国媒体和我自己写的稿子,希望你先读,才说。最后,拜托你,少一点用脏话,好吗?谢谢。

Deutsche Welle 德国之声
to the article >>

World Vision 世界博览
"Chinglish" 记录本
to the article (PDF)>>

4. Why the rude language? Nothing has been and will ever be gained from that.

5. I don't have plenty of time, but part of my rare free time just goes into what I deem a valuable hobby. If this does not amuse, cf. point 1.




At 8:42 PM, Blogger Fat Roland wrote ...

My pussy's stupid. She set fire to her tail once and purred even more because she liked the heat.

Continuing to love this blog, it's a real gem!

At 9:40 PM, Anonymous 李焕熙 wrote ...

Chinglish,是新创造的英文单词吧?是不是应该说“Chinese style English”更合适呢?看来,语言由人创造,我们还是尊重大家都默认的“产品”吧!



世界上英语还分美式英语(Am English),澳式英语(Aussie),有新加坡英语(Singlish)等等,英国还分皇家英语(Royal English)、伦敦音(London Accent)、农村英语(Country English)呢!



At 9:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous wrote ...

nice blog,pal...^0^
and i learn some right grammar from your site as well,thanks!

At 1:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous wrote ...

well well well,
you are pretty right and you actually got the point, chinglish is everywhere and that's something which is never going to come to a stop. but offical chinglish on the street signs really frighttened me. that shouldn't be like this. 直译is the biggest problem which caused it, but you know, it takes time to fix it, for many people.i'm not finding an excuse for chinese and i believe you defintely didnt mean that we chinese people are stupid.fine, i dont know what i'm saying and what i'm trying to express. good job you did(but i hope people in china can really see it and fix their problem instead of putting dirty comments on you , you know, that's the thing i hate about chinese, they dont look at themselves negative sides, the only thing they like to do is kill all the negative comments and "make" themselves look good, but, actually, they are cheating themselves and other people, like you, are just laughing. sigh.i cant change much about it.)
btw, i'm chinese.

At 2:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous wrote ...

g'day mate, i like ur blog very much, its funny and interesting, hahahaha. anyway i'd like to correct some part of ur post:

usually a Chinese ppl may say like this:

anyway ur chinese is good enough man. have a good day

At 5:33 AM, Blogger 1/3Hong wrote ...

hmmm,im a Chinese too but i think what you are doing is absolutely right.Keep up the good work! :)

to my fellow Chinese,
Chinglish只是一种现象,在这里公然叫骂有何意义?又与阿Q有何区别?Since you have plenty of time typing bad words here,why not use these time go and read up more about your own culture instead of criticizing other people's work which actual provides a different view on your own culture?天行健,君子当自强不息。学了英文不是让你说stupid pussy these kind of words while actually you can't even spell "trying" correctly.丢脸。LOSE FACE.

At 5:33 AM, Anonymous Xiaowei Zhang wrote ...

Just for fun. Big deal.

中文中有个成语叫做“讳疾忌医”,奥运将至,如果在此之前Chinglish不能成为化石,那只能说:"That's really embarrassing."

At 6:11 AM, Blogger olr — 纪韶融 wrote ...

Thanks everybody for the support!


One of many reasons why I am continuing this blog is the measurable increase of Chinese netizens who understand what I'm doing and encourage me to go on.


the stupid pussy.

At 6:49 AM, Blogger Puddlor wrote ...

China is big country, there are many kinds of people. It is normally to see somebody using very dirt word to a topic who doesnt know much about.

honestly I like your work.

At 7:06 AM, Blogger Kevin wrote ...

olr, this is a wonderful blog, very funny and invaluable.

作为中国人之一我觉得要大大感谢你才对,有外国朋友这么热心帮助中国纠错和进步, 不颁个奖实在说不过去 :)

看到这些chinglish我们应该感到羞耻, 不是为英语水平不高, 而是为写出那些错误词/句的人. 自己不懂为什么不去请教懂的人呢? 知之为知之, 不知为不知.

另外有朋友说这"中国式英语也未尝不可", 我觉得要学就当然学正确的东西, 犯了如此恶劣的错误(有些标语相当侮辱人)之后再辩解的话就难以饶恕了. 而且这些chinglish根本不是"中国式英语", 跟另外一些音译过去的词不同

At 7:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous wrote ...

"the stupid pussy" seems typical Chinglish again. i like your collection of Chinglish, it's not only amuzing, but useful as well.
thank you!
i will post some Chinglish i come across some day.

At 9:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous wrote ...

I am a chinese and I think you have done a great job!

At 9:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous wrote ...

Hey, I'm a Chinese, born and raised up in mainland China, pure old-fashioned kind. I don't object to the idea behind your blog. In fact, the site is quite amusing. Quite appalled to find some of the over-reaction. Hope you could find my post a bit re-assuring - not everyone thinks the same as the rude post here - even among Chinese.

Thanks again for the site!

At 1:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous wrote ...







Do People want thick road!

At 1:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous wrote ...


At 6:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous wrote ...

Do People want thick road!


At 7:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous wrote ...



我现在才发现,chinese is more hard to learn than english.
英文 husband
中文 对象,那一口子, 爱人, 老公,老头子,哎,。。多了去了。

At 7:44 AM, Blogger 大猫 wrote ...



PS:责任编辑总是弄错我的名字。或者,我更喜欢被叫做“大猫” 。 :-)

At 6:46 PM, Anonymous 典士 wrote ...



It's interesting to see that foreigners love our "Chinglish". In my opinion, I just think that it's a phenomena especially during the rapid transformation period of China.

Ummm , I should say that some would make fun of these Chinglish, while some satirize, some find them funny, some dont care at all. Whether you love it or not, the correction movement is undergoing. And even though official try to get rid of them, yet to some extent it still appears in actually you don't have to worry about it's's won't extinct.

I wonder if you are going to do your further study in China? haha, I suggest you go see others places in China, as many as possible, you'll find the great diversties in China.

Or if you're really interesting in Chinglish studies, Hong Kong is a good place for you to discover more.

by the way, I long to experience Germany, esp. studying in Heidelberg and Humboldt

At 3:41 PM, Blogger Yanglei wrote ...

hey dude, i really admire what you have done, keep up good work man, you are a real friend of Chinese people.

You can just ignore that son of a b.tch, but you didn't, and that make me respect you more. His spelling is even worse than the signs, how stupid and rude he is!

I'm here to support you, and feel shame for that guy who leave such a comment here.

BTW, you should add a space between "19" and "Comments"...

At 5:39 AM, Blogger 巴蛮子 wrote ...




At 1:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous wrote ...

Good job!
I will be always with you.
BTW,your Chinese is very good.

Best regards,


At 1:59 PM, Blogger olr — 纪韶融 wrote ...

Thanks, 3M!



At 4:33 PM, Blogger Mango wrote ...

I really adore your blog!! I recommend it to my sisters and all of my friends...they love it, too~~!!!

At 2:02 PM, Blogger King wrote ...

The guy who wrote those crazy words is out of his mind, drunk, or simply stupid. Ignore him.
Sometimes Chinglish may be due to national pride--some Chinese are too proud (or maybe too shy) to consult an English speaker. In the subway of Nanjing you see the funny phrase 'care the gap',and it's been there for (i guess) two years. Wonder why nobody has done anything about it. May I should take the initiative?

At 2:10 PM, Blogger olr — 纪韶融 wrote ...

Hi King,

thanks for your comments.

Please do so! Take a picture, let me publish it and we approach the authorities together. Whatcha say?



At 1:59 AM, Blogger King wrote ...

Sure, Mr. 纪,I'm gonna take a picture. BTW, I like your blog very much. Really fantastic. I'm gonna recommend it to my students.

At 4:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous wrote ...

Hi there,

Actually as a Chinese, I also like collecting all these interesting 'Chinglish' signs as well! I totally support you, as you said, it's not about laughing at us, it's about showing the world an expression of Chinese language. so keep up with the good work!

At 1:02 PM, Blogger Bingling wrote ...

林子大了,什么鸟都有。a big forest has any bird.哈哈!


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