Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tissue poetry.

This is nice. The tissue actually features two lines from a well-known poem called "Bringing in the Wine 将进酒" by famous Tang dynasty poet Li Bai/Li Bo 李白 (701-762).

Oh, let a man of spirit venture where he pleases
And never tip his golden cup empty towards the moon!

(translation taken from 《唐诗三百首》中英文双语对照完整版 300 Tang Poems with translation, hosted by the University of Virginia's Chinese Text Inititative)

But that, of course, still doesn't explain why they had to use beer jugs for the birthplace of wineculture ...

(The simplest explanation is that the rather unspecific jiu 酒 - which can be used to describe all sorts of alcohol creations, ranging from beer (pijiu 啤酒) to schnapps (baijiu 白酒) - is translated as "wine" in this particular poem, so our tissue producers went with that particular translation, no matter what graphics they used :). )

Taken in Qingdao. Thanks, Wieland!


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“Observe calmly; secure our position; cope with affairs calmly; hide our capacities and bide our time;
be good at maintaining a low profi le; and never claim leadership.”

(– Deng Xiaoping’s “24 Character Strategy)
这个是堂堂美国Office of the Secretary of Defense给出的翻译,对中文的解释只能说词不达义,而且可以说是误导性的错误翻译,可以上这里的英式或者美式中文了,呵呵。就像美国的“美式中餐”一样。语言间的相互翻译真的是一个大麻烦,文化,背景,知识.........

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图片文字,尚可商榷; 古文题写,当自上而下,自左而右,更不该自作主张,简体换用,虽非优孟衣冠,却已画虎类犬

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The Picture is two Glass of Beer
is not Wine. :-)


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